Our farm has two hearts: kitchen and cantina.  The {osteria} is a seasonal dining room in our local village of Woodstock, open in the summer and winter, and sister to our efforts in the field and cellar growing wine. Spring and autumn are reserved for pruning and planting, then harvesting. The table and the landscape, on and in which the stories born of our meadows are shared, is the foundation for friendship and conversation celebrated along with the nature of our harvest.

{osteria pane e salute} has never been a particularly modern expression of the restaurant.  Instead, it harkens back to a time when the restaurant was in the home, a cook preparing dishes assembled from what was in the garden, the larder, or the local market.  Since the day we first opened our doors in 1996, we have been constantly working toward this simplicity in the kitchen and focusing on the purity and depth of the ingredients and offering them in an intimate setting where we hope Time will stand still.  

When you come to dine with us your table is yours for the evening.  We make no bones about our plans for your meal: we want it to unfold at a leisurely pace.  A meal with us typically lingers for two to three hours, so if you are in a hurry or need to be someplace else, join us another time when you are not obligated elsewhere. The {osteria} was created in the spirit of the kind of place you might find on a quiet mountain road in alpine Italy or a small village tucked into a hill, the kind of place where you shed the day once you step through the portal and allow yourself to be transported by the honesty of the food coming from a tiny kitchen and the integrity of the wine being poured into the glass, a kind of place that in another culture has a name, La Taverna del Tempo Perzo, a Tavern of Lost Time. 

 We are farm, winery, kitchen, table.  We grow vegetables, fruits, wine, and cider. We cook. We set the table. We open our doors. We invite you.