Our kitchen is small, tiny even, a one man galley really.  We grow as much of our own ingredients on our farm for the {osteria} that we can.  We source what we don't or can't grow as locally as possible, working with farmers who focus on the nature of their land and the spirit of their terroir.  

Our recipes have been collected and adapted from our time living abroad in Italy and the more than the twenty years we have been cooking and sharing wine, spent returning there for respite and inspiration.  Our dishes are made in a country manner, dishes from the farmhouse, cucina casareccia, or homecooking with a focus on the flavors and essence of our ingredients.  

We don't post a menu because the dishes we offer are constantly changing, following the rhythm and the season of the garden and the interest of our own tastebuds. Our menu is small, but lively.  You are welcome to order anything ala carte, or create a 4~course menu based on what is on offer for antipasti, primi, main courses, and desserts.  There is always our Tuscan pizza which is rolled so thin you can see candlelight through it.  You may eat as elegantly or as casually as you like.

Our wine list offers a selection of natural, organic, or biodynamic traditional, artisanal, terroir-inspired, and sometimes hard-to-find wines.  Our hope is to represent as many typical, regional, and indigenous styles, and varietals of Italian wines that we can, and pair them with traditional dishes and flavors made from our own homegrown and local ingredients.

We also have a section devoted to like-minded producers who work domestically as well as abroad who have inspired us, encouraged us, or mentored us in some way.  

These are the things we are drinking now and want to share with you.  

Since we began our own efforts growing wine here in Vermont, we believe even more strongly that good wine is made in the vineyard and that each bottle tells a story of a place and a particular time.  We work only with producers who make wines that represent the landscape and the local cuisine, who nurture the land in a thoughtful way.