One cook.  

One winegrower.

One farm.  One winery.

One tiny kitchen. 

In a village.

things you should know:   the {osteria} is open for the winter season thursday~saturday nights {generally}.

  our schedule for january + february follows:

no special schedule for january.

saturday, february 4: offsite.  special dinner collaboration with hen of the wood burlington.   thursday,  february 9: offsite. wine + book event @ high street on hudson, nyc.                                         friday,  february 10: offsite. private wine event.      

Please note we are currently booked for the rest of january, but we would be happy to have you on the waitlist in the event of a cancellation.  For waitlists and reservations, please email @  we do have an answering machine, but we are unable to confirm reservations left by phone.

subscribe to our newsletter for info on any special gigs at the farm + winery, and for schedule updates at the {osteria}.  

winter season: thurs.~sat. evenings.